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I purchased this vehicle in the Spring of 2004 from a wholesaler located in Brewster, New York. At the time I purchased this car, it showed approximately 56,000 miles on the Odometer. As of this writing the car has 65,000 miles on it. I have not been able to do much to it since I have owned it other than extensive detailing of the engine, exterior and the interior. I have had all four steel rims Powder Coated black, and replaced tires all around. I'll show more photos, and write more info on it's history and origin soon and yes I know, it has a chrome grill which is not factory correct for the 1999 P71. It was installed by the wholesaler before I purchased the car.



New Cayuga Graphics

New Cayuga County Sheriff Graphics

Through research, I've recently found out that my vehicle was originally purchased by the Cayuga County Sheriff's Department, Cayuga County, New York. Although the vehicle you see above and to the left is not my vehicle, it shows the original Sheriff Department's graphics that were used in 1999 when my vehicle was in service. These style graphics have been retired  and new style graphics are now used on all  Cayuga County Sheriff cars. According to Lieutenant Michael Wellauer of the Cayuga County Sheriff's Department, my vehicle, unit 720, was used by him for DUI investigation.

Here she is with the new graphics. They were done by Landino Signs, Hamden, CT. on June 1st 2012. This was Unit 720 when it was in service with Cayuga County. The All-Light 52" Federal Signal Lightbar is currently undergoing restoration and will be mounted soon.

.... and here she is with the 52" Federal Signal Lightbar installed.


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