I just got through perusing an article on the Internet pertaining to the Crown Vic. It seems there are a lot of folk out there with 200,000, 300,000 and even some guy from Oklahoma with an astounding 465,000 miles registered on his cars odometer! Fordís big Crown Victoria has enjoyed an arguable monopoly on the police and taxi market for many years, and proven itself to be the flagship of durability and perseverance. Alas, Fordís Crown Vic reign, is seemingly coming to an end. At the end of this model year, there will be no more new Crown Vics sold to the public. For 2008 only fleet sales will be available. I for one am deeply disheartened. Over the years the Crown Victoria has remained essentially unchanged since its last major redesign took place in 1992.  Sure, Iíve been told all about the CVís lack of horsepower and itís less than perfect 0-60 performance. And yes, I read about how it doesnít handle as well as some of the other vehicles sold in todayís market. Itís a dinosaur they say, lacking in modern technology they say. But what other vehicle has enjoyed this much staying power? What other vehicle withstood the grueling mile after mile of taxi and police service. Certainly not the Chevy or Chrysler of late. Now before you Chevy and Chrysler guys start sending me threatening emails, let me say I, as well as our whole staff at PoliceCars.us regard these two American icons as the premier fleet vehicles of all time. The Chevy 9c1 was without a doubt faster than the CV off the line. Iíve driven both. Iíve read numerous road tests pertaining to the new Chrysler police vehicles, most, exuberantly proclaiming great promise for the carís future. I certainly hope so. Go American made! Iíve always been a big fan of the old Diplomat and Plymouth Fury IIís that I used to see patrolling the city streets of New Haven CT when I was a youngster. Itís just that when I was growing up in my home town, Ford was the predominant choice of our local department. Through the Fifties, Sixties and even most of the Seventies, the big intimidating Black squad cars, which always seemed to appear right behind me when I was, shall I say, ďsowing my oatsĒ, in my adolescent years, turned out to be Fords. When I chose law enforcement as my lifeís venue and my department sent me to the police academy to learn the rigors of police work, I learned defensive driving skills on an old Ford LTD. My first day on the job was spent behind the wheel of a well seasoned old Ford. Through many daily patrols and many emergency calls, I drove a Ford. Right up until the day I was unfortunately forced into retirement because of illness, I drove a Ford. I guess my best memories were forged in and around the old car that some people call a Dinosaur. Well, if the Crown Victoria is truly what they say  it is, Iím proud to say, that I was one of its many, many admirers. My hat goes off to the oleí CV. Like an old movie star of my day was fond of saying ÖThanks for the memories.


By Mike Mangini






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