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John's 1999 Crown Victoria P73 HPP


This is my daily driver, a 1999 Dark Wedgewood Blue Crown Victoria HPP. When I bought it, it was bone stock, with hubcaps on it. It was a dealership vehicle for a large Ford dealer up north, and they put the steel wheels and hubcaps on it after a driver appearantly trashed one of the aluminum wheels. I now have the HPP wheels back on it, tinted windows (20%), added a CD player from a 2002 F150, and a black grille and black bumper strips. I also had a friend at Hypertech add their experimental Power Program III, and put in AWSF-22P plugs with a 180 degree T-stat. I also added Flowmaster Delta Flow 50 series mufflers, Addco Front and Rear sway bars, ENS poly bushings, and new Ford HPP performance shocks. The performance increase is incredible! I originally bought the car outside of Springfield Massachusetts, and drove it 1290 miles back home. It now has 98,258 miles, but still runs like new. The pics below are arranged from the day I bought it in 2001, to the newest, 05-01-04.

The day I bought it

The day I got home

After tinting the windows
How it looks today



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