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 Monroe Police Department Cruiser


 "Feature Car" 

2002 Chevrolet Camaro

B4C Special Police Package



 Monroe, CT

"Feature Car" 

1976 Gran Fury Bicentennial Beauty


Officer Ted Stockmon's

1989 Plymouth Gran Fury


Eastern Vintage Police Car Association member Frank Palmeri, up until this week, owned two beautifully restored vintage police cars: a 1991 “Boston Police Department” Ford LTD Crown Victoria and a 1992 “Florida Highway Patrol” Pursuit Mustang. Today Frank introduced us to his newest addition - a 1972 American Motors Company (AMC) Ambassador L.A.P.D. Tribute Car complete with the 401 cubic inch 4 barrel power plant which made these vehicles a very capable performer for its time. See more photos of Frank's new L.A.P.D. car. Continued...

Okay... What's wrong with this picture Officer Ted?

Angelo Appi's pristine 2002 B4C Florida Highway Patrol Camaro

Hamden's Memorial Day Car Show was cancelled Sunday the 25th, due to stormy weather. However, we did talk with a few die hard vintage police car owners who showed up at the Quinnipiac University grounds despite the uncooperative weather. "We're disappointed," said Ted Stockmon and Angelo Appi, "we've been looking forward to this show all Spring". The rain date for the show is tomorrow, Memorial Day. Oh yeah, the photo on the left? The marker plate on Ted Stockmon's 1989 Chevy Caprice is upside down. Why? You have to know Officer Ted to really understand.

Automotive Linkage hailed as a suspension improvement

Police dispatch verified the NCIC code 2404 “Stolen Motor Vehicle”. Roger, in pursuit, Route 110 Eastbound. Lights flashing, siren wailing, Officer Brian’s grasp tightened on the steering wheel as he drove into the sweeping right hand curve at close to 70 mph. He felt his heart pounding and dryness in his throat as he anticipated the rear of his big Crown Vic Interceptor sliding out from underneath him. To his relief, it glided through the tight bend as if the car were riding on rails. Unknown to its driver, Ford’s Watts Linkage had done its job. Continued



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