Crown Victoria and Grand Marquis Decoders

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Door Sticker/VIN Decoder

Crown Victoria and Grand Marquis Door Sticker and VIN Decoders


Door Sticker Decoder: (use dropdown menus)


EXT PNT (exterior paint):

RC (region code):

DSO (special order code):

BRK (brake type):

INT TR (interior trim):
First digit is interior fabric:

Second digit is interior color:

TP/PS (tape/paint stripe):
First digit is tape, second is paint stripe

R (radio):


TR (transmission):


Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Decoder: (use dropdown menus)

1, 2, 3: World Manufacturer Code:

4.: Vehicle Restraint System Type Code:

5., 6., 7.: Vehicle Line, Series and Body Type:

8.: Engine:

9.: Check digit:

10.: Model year:

11.: Assembly Plant Code:

12 through 18.: Production Sequence number:

To Print Vehicle Identification Sheet: Click -"Edit"- "Select All" - "File" -"Print"
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