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West Haven, CT Police Department's 1999 Ford Crown Victoria assigned to the Patrol Division.

 The 1998-2000 Ford Crown Victoria Accessories and Specifications.

Police-Package Options and Costs

For all you folks wanting to know what goodies you can have on your 1998-2000 PI, here's the list. Each item is listed by name, option code, and price (believe it or not there a few things that are free... who would have thought Ford did anything for free). Some options are "Dealer Installed", and do not have a code, so these have the letters (DLR) in place of the code. Lastly, some options actually take money off the cost of a vehicle, and these items have a "Deduct" notation and the amounts are in parenthesis. Just for the record, these options are available for a car with a base price of $19,677.00 (State of Washington contract price).

Antenna Cable, RG58AU, from rear of dome light to left side of trunk (PRC), $25.00

Anti-Lock Brake System Removed, (552) (Deduct) $(495.00)

Cap, Locking Gas (DLR), $37.00

Cap, Locking Gas, Fleet Keyed Alike (DLR), $45.00

Cruise Control (525) $195.00

Differential, Limited Slip (45F), $87.00

Flasher Wig Wag, Headlamp, (DLR), $125.00

Floormats, Color Keyed, Carpet (F & R) (not avail the rubber flooring option)(12H/12Q), $50.00

Fuse Block, Auxiliary (6-20 Amp) (PLN), $45.00

Heater, Engine Block (41H), $24.00

Inoperative Door Jamb Light Switches on Dome Light (478), $14.00

Lamp Prewired Group (Package Tray, Inner Decklid) (476), $42.00

Manuals (Service, Powertrain Controls/ Emission, Electrical Troubleshooting), (DLR) $320.00

Manuals, Service, on CD-ROM (includes same contents as hard-copy manuals above )(DLR), $190.00

Moldings, Front Doors installed (DLR), $30.00

Mud Flaps, Rubber (Set of 4) (DLR), $60.00

Power Driver's Seat, 6-way (21A), $341.00

Power Rear Door Lock Linkages & Control Knobs Deleted (Shipped in trunk), Driver & Front Passenger operated power locks (PLP), $20.00

Power Windows, Driver & Front Passenger Controls (PW8), $20.00

Roof Reinforcement (PRS), $65.00

Rubber Floor Covering, HD, instead of carpeting (Not Available Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles) (127), $23.00

Seats, Front, 55/45, Cloth HD Split Bench w/ Center Arm Rest (P), $85.00

Seat, Aedec Restraint Rear Seat (Prisoner Restraint System, OEM Rear Seat Cushions and Seat Belts Placed In Trunk) (Installed) (DLR), $410.00

Silicone Hoses with Aircraft Type Clamps (PCD), $265.00

Spare Wheel, Additional HD (No Tire) (DLR), $89.00

Spotlight, 6", Halogen, Clear Lens, Pillar Mounted Left (Unity 225) (Factory) (51A), $160.00

Spotlight, 6", Halogen, as above, Left & Right (PR) (51Y), $315.00

Spotlight Prep Package Only (Factory) (Left) (Included with option 51A and 51Y) (Not Available with Street Appearance Package) (51B), $85.00

Stereo AM/FM Cassette w/ clock (58H), $175.00

Stock Vehicle Upcharge, Contact Dealer or SPO for Equipment Availability (DLR), $350.00

Street Appearance Group (Includes Body side moldings, chrome grille & accents) (Not Available w/spotlight or special paint) (60B), $185.00

Trunk Release, Electric, Inside Switch Instrument Panel and left door, Mounted, Ignition Controlled Instead of Battery (61H), $55.00

Undercoating (DLR), $75.00

Universal Keying Fleet (DLR to call Purchaser for Key Code) (FL), $38.00

Vinyl Seats instead of Cloth (F&R) (Set) (Requires Split Bench), No Charge

Vinyl Seat instead of Cloth (Rear only) (Not available 55/45 seats) (I), $60.00

Wheel covers, Hubcaps instead of full wheel covers (set4) (64C), (Deduct) $(20.00)

Wiring Package for Connection of Grille Lamp, Siren & Speakers (PW7), $70.00

Wiring Harness, Roof (Center Hole) (PW2), $75.00

Wiring Harness, Roof (No Hole) (PWA), $60.00

Wiring, Horn/Siren Circuit (PWB), $32.00

Delayed Warranty Start (Customer Mails Form to MFR) (DLR), No Charge

Push Bumpers, 12" Aluminum, Setina, Set/2, Installed (PB100), $165.00

Push Bumpers, 16" Aluminum, Setina, Set/2, Installed (PB100), $175.00

Push Bumpers, 12" Steel, Setina, Set/2, Installed (PB100), $165.00

Push Bumpers, 16" Steel, Setina, Set/2, Installed (PB100) $175.00

Partition, Horizontal Sliding Center Section w/Lexan (Includes Full Lower Extension Panel) (Setina 10S), $393.00

Alternative Fuel Vehicle, Dedicated CNG (4.6 L Eng., 2 CNG Tanks, Underbody, 2 In Trunk, Total 9.4 G.G.E, 200 Mile Range) (Add 60 Days) (Battery Controlled Electric Trunk Release Deleted) (CNG Vehicle Meets Alternative Fuel Vehicle Acquisition Requirements of US Energy Policy Act of 1992 (999), $3,988.00




Color Selection
The following are the current colors for the 2000 Ford PI, but I think they are pretty much the same for most late-model Ford Police-Package vehicles. Colors marked with a "*" are Clear Coat colors and are more expensive (of course).

For any of you who are looking at a two-tone paint job, or any color not listed here, you can special order a paint job but you must order at least five cars with the same paint job.

1998-2000 Ford P71 Details

The following is a list of standard features that are a part of the 1998-2000 P71 package:


4.6 liter (281 CID) Single Overhead Cam (SOHC) electronic fuel injected engine rated at 215 HP @ 4500 RPM, 9.0:1 compression ratio, and 285 ft-lb's. of torque @ 3,000 RPM

External engine oil cooler

4-Speed Automatic Overdrive, Electronic Controlled (AOD-E) transmission, model 4R70W, with lockup torque converter and external cooler

Aluminum, metal-matrix drive shaft (new for 2000)

Rear-Axle ratio of 3.27 (1998 only)

Rear-Axle ratio of 3.55 for improved low-end acceleration (1999 and later)

Mileage (City/Highway) - 16/22


130-mph speed limiter

Heavy-Duty Frame

16-inch steel wheels

Heavy-Duty brake rotors and pads with dual piston calipers

Recirculating ball and nut steering with Heavy-Duty Variable Assist power steering, with external cooler (1998)

Recirculating ball and nut steering with Heavy-Duty Constant Level of Assist power steering, with external cooler (1999 and later) 4-Bar Link with Watt's linkage rear suspension

Independent SLA with ball joint and coil spring front suspension


Length/Height/Wheelbase Measurements (in inches): 212/56.8/114.7 inches

Headroom (Front and Rear in inches) - 39.4/38.0

Legroom (Front and Rear in inches) - 42.5/39.6

Shoulder Room (Front and Rear in inches) - 60.8/60.3

Hip Room (Front and Rear in inches) - 57.1/59.0

Interior Volume - Front: 58.2 cu. ft., Rear: 51.1 cu. ft., Trunk: 20.6 cu. ft.

Turning Radius - 40.9 ft

Minimum Ground Clearance - 6 inches


4-Circuit Anti-Lock Brakes (optional on 1998, standard on 1999 and later unless deleted using option code 552) with dual piston calipers (front brakes only)

Vented brake disks on front wheels, Solid brake disks on rear wheels

Blackout treatment on the grille, door handles, and chrome strip moldings

225/60R16 Performance tires

140-MPH Certified Speedometer

Cigarette Lighter/Auxiliary Power Source

Full-Wheel Covers, Metal

Full Body Side Moldings, Front doors not installed (shipped in trunk)

Electric Rear Window defroster

Random code, single key, lock system

Radio Interference Bonding Strap package

Auxiliary DC power feed wires (one ignition and one direct)

Removable Headliner

Day/Night rearview mirror

Stainless-Steel Dual Exhaust

19-gallon fuel tank

Driver & Passenger second generation air bags

Front & rear outboard 3-point shoulder lap

Heavy duty 750 ca (78 amp) battery

Tinted glass

Dual power mirrors

Interval wipers

Cloth bucket seats

CFC-free air conditioning with high-speed cutout

Full instrument panel (oil pressure, voltmeter, fuel, and temperature) with side window demisters

Power windows

Power door locks

Auto park brake release (deleted on the 2000 model)

Remote release deck lid

Tilt steering wheel

Cup holders

Engine compartment light

"One-Touch" driver's window (Fully lowers the driver's window with a touch of the window control button)

Performance Stats and Stuff


Here's some statistical performance data for all the number crunchers out there. All information is listed as measured by the National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center (NLECTC) and the Michigan State Police.

Top Speed:

2000: 129 MPH

1999: 129 MPH

1998: 130 MPH

0-60 MPH Times:

2000: 8.75 seconds

1999: 8.55 seconds

1998: 9.01 seconds

1/4 Mile Time/Speed (Approx for All Years): 16.93@83.25 MPH

Stopping Distance (from 60 MPH):

2000: 144.63 feet

1999: 143.2 feet

1998: 134.8 feet

Milage (city/highway):

2000: 16/21

1999: 15.9/21

1998: 16/22

Curb Weight All: 4,039 lbs (approx)

Other Interesting Information

During the NLECTC testing of the 1998 CV PI, drivers noted what seemed to be performance problems with the car, especially when making turns. It was determined that the car was working normally, but, the car's traction control system was decelerating the car in the turns.

The CV's traction control system is designed to remove power from the car whenever a loss of traction is "sensed". Needless to say, these systems are far more sensitive than your typical driver's senses, and may remove power at times that the driver doesn't want it removed. The NLECTC recommended that drivers turn the traction control system off when optimum performance is desired, and turn it back on in situations where traction is vital (rainy and snowy weather).


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